Fittery connects trainers and athletes

    Fittery is the online platform where trainers can offer their sports lessons directly to athletes.

    Our story

    Fittery was created in 2022 from the personal frustration of Daan Tames. In his search for an approach to get fit again, it quickly became clear that gyms have a lot of appeal (marketing power) and independent trainers and individual sports lessons are difficult to find. The offer is there, but it is difficult to find, compare and book.

    After many conversations (and sports lessons) with various trainers, it became clear that trainers are often self-employed, work hard, are passionate, earn relatively little and choose a different career path at an early age. And while they are the heroes of the field.

    And the nice thing about sports is that it has so many forms. Indoors, outdoors, alone, with a group, with equipment, attributes or with your own body weight. Muscle groups, strength, cardio, fitness. Competitive or just relaxed. The variation is endless. There is always something that suits you.

    The idea was therefore crystal clear: improve the playing field for trainers so that we make sport more accessible, accessible and fun for athletes (and thus also contribute to their health).

    Together with co-founders Jorrit Mulder and Anton Timmermans, the concept has been developed, validated and deepened from the end of 2022. Our motto became: "Add a Trainer. Add fun." With the support of a number of (angel) investors and Rabobank, we have developed the platform and we have been live with a first public version since the end of summer 2023. It is not yet perfect, there is still so much room for improvement, we are now working on that every day with a fantastic team of professionals to improve.



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