Exercise with a trainer.

    From €7.50
    per sports lesson

    At Fittery you will find different types of sports lessons: group lessons, small groups and personal training. All under the professional guidance of a trainer. Each lesson type has its own characteristics and the price per lesson depends on this. Regardless of the form, you pay per lesson at Fittery

    Group lesson

    From €7.50 per group lesson

    Small group training

    From €12.50 per training

    Personal Training (PT)

    From €45.00 per training

    Types of lessons at Fittery

    Group lesson

    In this class format you often train with 6 to 10 people in a group. Depending on the sport type, it is often a combination of cardio and strength. It is the cheapest variant. You are often in a group with unknown people, but you can always bring someone you know with you.

    Small Group training

    You train in a group format, usually around 4 people. With this form of lesson you will receive more personal attention and guidance. You can start a group yourself with friends, acquaintances, colleagues or of course join an existing group. Just what you want. The price is often double that of a group lesson.

    Personal Training

    With personal training you exercise individually with a professional trainer. You often receive tailor-made training and a training schedule with exercises that suit your goals and level. Because it is 1-on-1 with the trainer and you can't share the lesson costs with your group, this is also the most expensive variant.

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